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3-D Laser Surveys

Card image scanner

3D Point Cloud Data Capture

  • Reality Capture, on-the-fly image and point cloud processing in the field.
  • Flexibility to scan wherever, whenever with the small, lightweight imaging laser scanner.
  • Two-in-one 360ยบ image documentation and laser scan data.
  • Fully compatible with Autodesk Suites for first class deliverables.

Client Benefits

  • Access to 3D dimensional and photographic data.
  • Visual evidence of architectural, structural and mechanical elements at the time of survey.
  • Cloud based data for ease of access and collaboration.
  • Site survey times are greatly reduced, and large areas can be scanned in a short period of time.
  • Survey data accuracy is significantly increased.
Card image scanner

Panoramic Images

3D panoramic photographic data generated to provide visual information about the building envelope and existing services prior to works commencing. Anomalies in record drawings, dilapidation issues and asset items were highligthed and reported to the client.

The photographic data was also used as a supporting document when in discussion with other project stakeholders (i.e The Architect, Structural Engineer, Main Contractor and Client etc.) negating the requirement for additional site visits.

Card image scanner

Point Cloud Data

Point cloud data can be displayed in several useful formats (real colour, greyscale, intensity, elevation, and by individual scan). Each of the display modes allows point cloud data nodes to be extracted and utilised directly, providing highly visible and accurate information. The intensity image above provides greater contract between adjacent elements, improving visibility and accuracy.

Card image scanner

Installed Systems

Point cloud data was used to generate an architectural and structural model of the entire project, in which the mechanical services design concept was designed and co-ordinated.

Card image scanner


Project deliverables can be quickly and accurately produced to communicate the design intent, intended services layout and equipment schedules. The model can be issued to other stakeholders for collaboration to improve accuracy and reduce errors on site.

Card image scanner
Installation Drawing

Installed Systems

Completed installation replicates the original design concept.

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